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ReStore donates to Ukraine!

Monday, April 4, 2022

The donations that the ReStore receives don’t always align with our usual merchandise. But true to our nature, we make sure none of it goes to waste and lean into our relationships with community partners. Over the years, the influx of non-furniture or building material donations to the ReStore has allowed us to help others at hospitals, food banks, homeless shelters, and foster care programs. It is a unique aspect of our organization that has allowed us to serve beyond our programs, and we are so thankful to have partnerships with other service providers so that we may share in our abundance. 

 Sometimes our helping hands extend further out than our next door neighbors. When news came of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we reached out to our friends over at the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee in Philadelphia who were accepting donations to support those impacted by the war. Our team loaded up 13 pallets with essential items. From hand sanitizer and PPE, to hygiene products and linens and even tea, we offered all we could gather to be sorted by volunteers and shipped overseas. 


 “We’re happy to do our part in this humanitarian effort.  We here at Habitat for Humanity never hesitate to lend a hand to those in need. We’re fortunate to be in a position to offer this kind of assistance,”

The United Ukrainian American Relief Committee shared remarks on their website in response to the overflowing support from local residents, organizations, and Habitat, “We would like to thank all of our generous donors for their support in our mission to provide humanitarian aid to the victims of the war in Ukraine…With millions of victims in Ukraine, UUARC will continue to fundraise to provide vital medical supplies to the victims, care for the injured and refugees, as well as shelter and food to those affected.” 

 As the war continues, monetary and volunteer support is still critically needed. Please consider doing your small part as a good neighbor by reaching out to UUARC via phone, (215) 728-1630, and offering to help in your own way.  

 About UUARC 

United Ukrainian American Relief Committee, Inc. (UUARC) is a 501(c)3 organization registered with USAID that provides humanitarian aid to Ukrainians in Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Argentina and the U.S. Since its beginning, UUARC has endeavored to provide aid where the need is the greatest. It provided help to many thousands of refugees who came to the United States after World War II, as well as assisted countless Ukrainians throughout the world. Visit for more information.