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Donate to ReStore

Unfortunately, our ReStore is not accepting residential donations at this time.

General FAQ


What happens with my material donation? Does it go into a home built by Habitat?

Material donations are not used in Habitat-built homes. Instead, our ReStore thrift shop sells them at low-cost to the public. Our ReStore generates a valuable revenue stream that enables Habitat for Humanity to build more decent, affordable housing for hard-working, low-income families in New Jersey. Your donation not only helps support the construction of Habitat homes, it also helps reduce the costs of home improvement for other homeowners in Burlington County.


Does the ReStore repair donated items and materials?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have the resources to repair or touch up items, which is why we can only accept gently used donations that are in working condition.


Why don’t you accept certain items?

Some of our donation restrictions are dictated by state or federal law (mattresses, boxsprings, cribs, halogen lamps, etc). Other restrictions are based on our retail experience and the limited space that we have to work with. If an item doesn’t sell in our ReStore, we have to pay to dispose of it, which takes away from our mission of building affordable housing in Burlington and Mercer Counties.

Our staff members have the final say on what we accept.


Does the ReStore accept scrap metal and nonworking appliances for recycling?

Yes. We are, however, unable to schedule pickups for these items. If you can drop off your scrap metal/nonworking appliance (electronics excluded) at our ReStore, we will break them down and sort them for recycling. The donation of these materials is also tax-deductible!


How much is my donation worth?

We are not able to provide values for donated items at this time.


Can I write the donation off of my taxes?

All donations made to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore are tax-deductible. We are a 501(c)(3) and our charity number (EIN) is 22-2905055. We provide forms in-store and on-site.

Thank you to our Corporate Donors