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Mount Holly Neighborhood Preservation

Attention, Mt. Holly homeowners!

Improve your home at NO COST through Habitat BMC’s partnership with Mt. Holly’s Neighborhood Preservation Program.


The state of NJ has awarded funds to Mount Holly to provide neighborhood revitalization throughout the town. Funding is available to homeowners for critical home repairs and exterior improvements provided by Habitat for Humanity.

Projects are at no cost to the homeowners.

Repair Projects

Home Preservation: Revitalizing communities through improvements to exteriors of homes

  • Accessibility modifications (wheelchair ramp, exterior hand rails)   
  • Carpentry repairs (doors, floors, porches, steps, walls)
  • Painting, siding, or power washing   
  • General cleaning (trash removal, cleaning of exterior)   
  • Landscaping (cutting down brush, cutting back shrubbery, planting flowers and bushes)  

Critical Home Repairs: Keeping homes safe, warm, and dry.

*Critical Home Repairs must meet income requirements

  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Electrical
  • Structural (walls, floors, ceilings)
  • Weatherization (insulation, windows)
  • Extensive Siding
  • Water infiltration


Income Guidelines

Family SizeMinimum (30%)Maximum (80%)
Family Size1 PersonMinimum (30%) $20,300Maximum (80%) $54,150
Family Size2 PersonsMinimum (30%) $23,200Maximum (80%) $61,850
Family Size3 PersonsMinimum (30%) $26,100Maximum (80%) $69,600
Family Size4 PersonsMinimum (30%) $29,000Maximum (80%) $77,300
Family Size5 PersonsMinimum (30%) $31,350Maximum (80%) $83,500
Family Size6 PersonsMinimum (30%) $35,160Maximum (80%) $89,700
Family Size7 PersonsMinimum (30%) $39,640Maximum (80%) $95,900
Family Size8 PersonsMinimum (30%) $44,120Maximum (80%) $102,050

Mount Holly NPP Interest