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Financial Education Classes

Household finances are a source of stress, no matter the size of your income or family, and we want to help alleviate any concerns or barriers on your path to homeownership.

At Habitat, we provide the support to help prepare you for the day you receive your keys, and well beyond. One way we do that is through financial education. We believe that financial education leads to a greater investment in the home and builds a solid foundation for long-term personal success.

Are your finances not quite ready for homeownership? We can help you get there.

The Almost Home Program is designed to help families who are interested in our Affordable Homeownership Program, but may fall short of the credit or income eligibility requirements. This program will also help potential applicants who need further education on the home buying process.

Participants will earn a First Time Home Buyer Certificate that can be used to apply for grant funding through the county in which your home is purchased.

Expectations and Goals:

  • Learn how to budget and save funds
  • Learn how to read your credit report and make improvements to increase your score
  • Work with a financial coach to become mortgage ready